Went for MRI this morning.  I was mistaken about it.  This is the first MRI I have  had and I confused it with a Pet CT.  All they scanned was my head due to the blurred vision I have been experiencing.   Once again I couldn’t even see the paper I had to sign at the registration desk.  Right now as I am typing this, I am having great difficulty seeing.  As far as the scan itself first stop was the lab just to be sure that they didn’t need any more of my blood.  By the way that blood transfusion has worked wonders.  I do feel a great improvement right now.  I am sure it will wear off all too soon though.  Then the lady at registration gave us the wrong directions and we ended up in the maintenance area in the bowels of the hospital.  Wrong elevator lady.  They gave me cushions for my back that helped prevent back cramps and they put this helmet on your head and also headphones.  The machine itself is very noisy and after a while you are moved back out of the machine and they inject meds into your arm and return you to the noisy machine for a while longer.  All in all not a bad experience.   Tomorrow is chemo day if my counts allow that is.  Also should get Neulasta On Pro tomorrow if all goes as it is supposed to. Next week befoe chemo is doctor appointment.  I’m sure another ct scan will be scheduled at that visit. 

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