Moonshade and me a journal by Nazz


Well to start off for those of you who don’t already know my name is Nazz short for Nazier. I thought I would be cooler with to Z’s, but anyways I joined the Csgo Moonshade sever this time last year June 6th. I did not even mean to join to be honest I joined my friend fbllzaer thinking I was joining the server we always played on called the “deagle server” but instead it was moonshade. At the time, the map was city45, and man did I fall in love. I was so confused what was happening and where I was and what I was supposed to do. To be honest I was very cancerous at first, I always killed everyone and never actually took the RP part seriously. That is until I took the time to learn everything and how to play and make money. Around this time is when I found out about a couple of players named Earth, Faze Juan, and Underwater. I fan Boyed so hard over these guys it’s not even funny. They were my inspiration on the server. Man did I think they were just so cool. This leads me on to the topic of earths house. Earths house was just a dream to me at the time, and boy did I camp out there for hours hoping just hoping that I could maybe go in there and just check it out. That is all I ever wanted to do was to go in there and see what it was like. “Earth’s natural AFK habitat” was a coal that I had for myself. I would stay up late every night just so I could see everyone who was in there sell their drugs and make a large amount of money. For the first 3 months that I played the server I never made a forum account so then I decided to. In fact, I never actually applied for cop until after city45 on Westfield. I’ve made so much friends on this sever its not even funny. Literally more than half my friends list is made up from Moonshade. Moonshade was an escape from life for me. Everything I have said was true about me except the part about France. Which leads in to how I got 5 Vac bans. That was a very annoying hard time for me. I got those 5 vac bans in the span of 4 days I think It was. Every time I would get a Ban I always made a new account and bought csgo again, and the only reason I did that was to come back to roleplay. I did that 5 times. Bought csgo 5 times and made 5 accounts vac ban after vac ban just so I can come back to moonshade. Nicotine to me. I just can’t leave it. Its officially taken over my life in a big way. I’ll explain later but let me get back on track about France. After I think it was the 4th Vac ban I was and I still did not know why I kept on getting ban after ban I was determined that I was IP banned from csgo. So, what I decided to do was buy a very expensive VPN hoping It would prevent me from getting more Vac bans, and it did it worked. So, after I bought the VPN and downloaded I knew that I needed to change my IP. So, I went through the server list on the VPN and. Last Last summer before moonshade I went on a trip to Paris France with my mother because her work brings her there a lot and she had the opportunity to Bing me along one time.

So, while going through the server list of countries deciding what to change my IP to I just decided to change it to France. After that I joined the server and everyone was like whoa Nazz you are from France, and tbh I just went with it and was like yes idk I just went along with it. Everything else I have said is true about me. I am 16, and I am graduated high school because my parents made me double up on tons of classes and take summer classes as well. I am still figuring out if I want to go to college immediately or wait a year or two since I am young, but yes I did actually go to a boarding school for a bit in France instead of America. It was called the “Notre-Dame International boarding school”. I have pictures of everything if you no believe. Anyways I want to get back on topic with the server now. I aspired to be like earth and Madimir the most I would say. I thought you two were the coolest most bad ass people on the server, and I made myself a goal to be just like you guys. I’ve dedicated and devoted so much time to this server it’s not even funny. Every day for the past like 8 months I have played on the server. I am always on it and well I have come a long way. I don’t know what it is about making money on the server but I love it so much. I play Moonshade RP as if it is Dark RP. I have about 3k hours on the server now, and am starting to feel like for me to keep playing there needs to be more of a purpose now at this point. I’m at about 33 mil in the bank now and Its my pride and join. Literally the soul to my existence. The reason I kept grinding honestly was well I couldn’t stop to be honest with you guys. I thought about it for a while one night. I thought about the fact that there has to be other ways to make money on the server then constantly grinding. I found out that I could bring business and entrepreneur into the server for a way for me to start to make a lot more money. I soon discovered that people care more about safety then they do style when looking for keys to buy to a home. So that is what I did. I grinded so so hard for like a month so I can get up to 2 mil and but all of that into locks and put it on my door and sell keys for about 350k I think it was, and I sold over like 15 keys I think it was. Man, I felt like such a baller and that was my first actual taste of being rich. I know it may sound cringy to a lot of you but I’m getting like happy sad writing all of this because this server genuinely makes me so so happy. Every time I wake up I get very excited to hop on and play Moonahde with all my friends. This server makes me the happiest in life and I mean that with all my heart. I Want to give everything I can to this server and Moonahde in general. I want to give back to it for all the food things it has done for me. Im a very shy and mature dude wants you get to know me, and of course I like to troll around on the server. Man I just can’t wait for city 45 its going to be so much fun im going to take it so so serious and have tons of fun on it and a friend and I want to try to start an little mini corporation. Idk yet we are still thinking of stuff and ways to make $ on the map. I Really hope the admin aps open up some time in the near future because I would love to apply for it. There have been numerous times where I was on and could have stopped or helped people but no one was on. A lot of people think I’m and admin tbh. My longest time being on the server and not leaving is like a week I think lol. Idk what else to say I mean I do I could write 3 more pages about this server and shit, but ill stop here since your probs already sick of reading this



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