Notes on God

 Pay attention to what you magnify.
 Whatever you magnify will grow larger
 Whatever you magnify you give power to
 Choose to magnify what is good.
The Grace of God is all around us. It is only when we are open and receptive to it that we receive its full and intended benefit for our life.
Grace is no judge of who is worthy however grace cannot be given to closed minds and guarded hearts.
The Lord your God wants to shower his grace upon you in the midst of your storm, in the midst of your drought God wants you to come to the well and thirst for more of him.
We should be like a living spring of water with the outflow being Jesus. Internalizing his word so that we may never run dry. Internalizing his Goodness so that we may always remember that he is a mighty God, that he is a good father.
We must internalize the fact that surrender to him is a measure of Spiritual maturity.
When we fight against our flesh God is pleased. He is pleased when we lay down our flesh and take up our cross, ever marching forward with nothing but God in mind and his calling on our life.
Being treated special is not going to get you out of some dark places that you are not ready to get out of. There is only one person whom you should be striving after to feel acceptance and completion in, and that it God. People don’t make people complete, God makes people complete.
Do not get with someone in hopes that they will complete you, if you’re not complete first you’ll always be searching for that missing part of your completion. You won’t find it in man or Woman, only God can make you a complete person.
You may think you are trying. But are you REALLY trying? Or are you coasting through in hopes that in the midst of your coasting it will suffice something you never sought out to do in the first place?
Are you trying in your comfort zone? Because growth doesn’t happen when we stay in our comfort zone. It happens when we begin to force ourselves to get outside of our comfort zone. That is when growth happens, that is when we begin to stretch, mold, and conform to the things of God.
God draws near to the brokenhearted and he will love you even when you feel like the rest of the world has drawn away from you.
Real lasting change has to happen in your heart. HOPE IS A VERB AND IT SHOULD BE ACTIVE!
We don’t incline something that is already upright. HAVE YOU PUT YOUR HAND TO WHAT YOUR HOPING FOR?
We go through life declined.
You’re in charge of your heart, people can’t break it if you don’t give it to them
You have to keep your heart in check.
It’s not enough to set it and forget it.
You need to set it, check it, reset it. (heart) (repeat)
When you take charge of your heart (In reference to the above statement)
Before we can get the windows of life and your focus working you have to have your heart open.
You can look good on the outside but it has to happen with the heart and it starts with the habits.
God hates the condition of double mindedness (define)
Before you start to reach your goals maybe you should make a list of things you hate.
I hate being angry because it leaves me alone
You can’t ask God to protect you when it’s the same enemy that is knocking you down that you’re running to.
Are you running from the conflict or into the conflict?
God is your strong tower in the battle not from it.
You won’t experience life in the dead places.
Your hiding places shield you from the change you need to make.
My hiding places
1. Blame
2. Sadness
3. Anxiety
4. Frustration
5. Past hurts
What good will it do for the windows of heaven to be open if your heart is flawed?
Know where to hide and that is in God.
Hide your hope in the Lord. Hope is not in the path it is in the promise.
Time to hit reset on your heart.

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  1. read every word of this and needed to hear every word. you are very wise. I am going through some stuff right now, but I know I was meant to read this so thank you.

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