at the mall watching little man play and thinking about him.Stupid brought me here and the whole time he was being an asshole.He said he doesn’t want anything to do with me.He said because I was taking up for the one I love that and that we all make choices and my choice is the one I love and he doesn’t want anything to do with me.I said we aren’t together so I don’t care what he thinks. So I said fine I feel the same way I said if I didn’t have austin with him I would cut him off completely. I didn’t want to ask him but can I put money in my checking so I can get a pack of cigs.Amber keeps coming up with an excuse she said her man is being an ass but as soon as she gets ahold of him she will get my cigs.I keep bugging her everytime I see her…She is going to give me my cigs..I am sorry I am great ful for his help.Eventually I wont have to ask for anything.I love him and I miss him I am constantly thinking about him

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