walking on thorns

Dear Diary,

my life this weekend has not been a walk on roses, but rather a walk on thorns. My new coworker is a master in talking shit about others, and my job sort of sucks. I work as a housekeeper at a hotel, and this weekend has been one of my worse experiences so far when it comes to working. 

Saturday was fine except that I spilled a lot of hot tea on one of my coworkers, and then while cleaning a guest’s room, I found the toilet drenched in blood… disgusting. 

Sunday was even worse  though. First, I fell asleep in the office for 20 minutes, thank God I was there earlier, so I still managed to get everything done that needed to be done before my other coworkers arrived. 

And when we were going to clean the first room, fe found that the guests had smoked in the room and there were ashes from the cigarettes on the floor. Then we saw the bathroom, and the guest had thrown up into the sink rather than the toilet. 

We didn’t think it could be any worse than that, but apparently another guest in another room threw up all over the bed. 

Later that day, while hanging out at a friend’s house, I got a phone call from the people I’m gonna play with at a wedding on midsummer, and apparently the bride is now not certain that we’re gonna play at all because of some things… worst day ever. 

x MsAnonymous

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