what a curse.

Just ignore this entry: I’ve been sick all day and am feeling very helplessly outraged, so this is just a rant post. The crimson curse has descended upon me about ten days earlier than predicted, and it’s terrible because for some reason the painkillers haven’t made all the discomfort go away, so the cramps are still there and jabbing me in the gut.

I am really into documentaries. I watched a documentary about this Russian dude who preaches that he is Jesus reincarnated. It was funny and weird and horrible all at the same time. Also, it was infuriating how the girls’ school for his followers taught nothing but misogynistic crap about how women must be submissive to men. I’m sorry, you can be religious however you want, but the moment you start preaching sexist shit like that, stop.

Then I watched one about a Canadian vigilante who lures would-be pedophiles and confronts them and puts their videos online. It was a really powerful documentary, and it really hurt to watch (especially when he used a fake voice to talk to this one pedo–it was horrifying).

Then a documentary about bride kidnapping. Actually, I can’t even watch this one to the end. Fuck that. That’s too many emotions in one day. I already felt sick watching Justin Payne lure pedos out by pretending to be twelve; I can’t stomach this much sickness in one day. I hate people.

I can’t believe people will use “””religion”””” and “””””culture”””” to justify anything. I’m pretty sure that it’s STILL A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION if you rape, murder, or harm another individual in the name of your god or your country. I honestly don’t care what religion you take part in, or what country you’re from: rape and child abuse are still horrific acts. Stop trying to justify those sick sick things. STOP. They’re NOT JUSTIFIABLE under ANY circumstance. I don’t CARE if child marriage or bride kidnapping is part of your “””””traditions””””””” or “”””cultural identity”””” or “”religion”””, it’s disgusting and horrifying and you’re a horrible human being.

And, honestly, if your tradition is rooted in misogyny and hurting other human beings, that’s not a tradition that should be propagated or continued.

Isn’t it a curse to have to live on this earth with these people, knowing that they’re such monsters? Why would someone be like this? Why? It makes me sick and I’m emotional today and it’s just, I have been hunched over watching documentaries all day and I feel terrible and nauseous and awful. Why? Humans are so terrible. I hate it. Ignore me, I’m just really angry because I can’t do anything to stop the abuse and terror that are going about on earth every day. I can’t do anything to help people and it makes me feel sick to think that they are suffering and in so much pain. Ignore this entry, I’m just angry.

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