21. Possible Puppies?

This is going to be a slightly difficult entry to type, as my index finger on my right hand is stitched together.

Dakota and Lola decided to viciously go at it, given the fact they are both Pitbulls, due to lock jaw, they are almost impossible to get apart. In the struggle of Ann and I trying to pull them apart, the pad of my finger was almost completely ripped off. This took place right after I showered so I had the pleasure of wrestling my dogs butt naked. I have gashes, scratches, and scrapes all over my body. I look like I was beaten and tortured.

Dakota definitely started it, the second fight, as they fought earlier Friday morning, just not nearly as bad. For day’s now I couldn’t figure out how after months she would suddenly become a different dog. Then, I realize, she ended her doggy period earlier then it should have, Tuxedo suddenly stopped having an interest in her, and her little doggy teets, are getting larger. She’s pregnant, and there for protecting everything, including her self, from Lola, the other female dog in the house. I’m terrified for Dakota, because she’s only 10 months old. I feel bad, but I never let them have that much time alone to.. ya know, do it.


I have seen Ann almost every day. At least for a few minutes after work. It’s absolutely great. Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means it’s PLL binge day. I’m entirely to excited because even though I have seen her everyday, we haven’t been able to spend time together. Quality time. We have talked a little and we are working on things, so its unofficially official. YYYYAAAAAASSSSSS. Any who….. It’s still difficult, I’m not a fan of living apart, but I think it’s helping us working on things on both sides. 10 months….

Need, sleep.

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