catching up

haven’t written in a while, really miss it. i messed up. i fell into temptation and made a bad decision. i know it is wrong, but why do i still want to continue making it. i promised myself and God that i wouldn’t, but whats the point. everyone is doing it and having a good time while i am in the corner fighting the temptation and getting judged. my parents are too overprotective. i know that they care about me, but it has gotten to where i cant go anywhere without my phone knowing that they are going to call. i am going to college soon- i am ready to be free and not to be tied down by them. they treat me as if i am a child when i am definitely capable of doing things by myself. 

One thought on “catching up”

  1. Emmabrooke,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading my journal post. God is with you and will bring you though anything. I plan to post more so keep an eye out. I feel that you would benefit from something that i plan to post tonight.

    God Bless

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