Day 065 – Feeling better

Today was good.

Right now my hand hurts, I got muscle pull in my right hand, tomorrow I planning to take off from work, will finish this entry tomorrow.

see ya

During last 5 days my moods was bit off, but yesterday was good for me I started to get positive vibes, I did little talk to CEO about project what to do next and told him about my current progress he was impressed by my speed and we discuss the next big feature, it was a good talk.

That’s all for yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Day 065 – Feeling better”

  1. that’s tooo bad that your muscle got pulled. Put olive oil and massage and then put a cloth around it to keep it warm. you’ll feel better and see a doctor too,that would be ven better.
    Glad your day went fine,buddy! 🙂 take care

  2. hey thanks blue, you know what I told my mom (ami) about this in morning and she did the same :), she massage my hand with olive oil and gave me warn glove to put on and told me to visit doctor. but I thing it will be fine with massage only.

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