Day 473 – Unexpected event

Monday, June 12th 2017

Well, today was a bit unexpected.

Day started normally : I had French, I gathered what I needed to study for the exam, I then had psychology and I wrote down the notes that I needed, I went to lunch, ate with my close friends, left for English, where we discussed the exam, then finished with art where I worked on the mural. 

At home I got a phone call from my mom saying they put my absent in art. Understandable, since I was working on the mural and I thought my art teacher saw me, but she didn’t. All we had to do was tell them to ask the woman from the office I am painting at to confirm I was present at school, working on the mural, and all is good. However, that was not the unexpected event. What was, is our good neighbours—ones where my brother’s friend live at and most went/goes to my school, got their house caught on fire from a cooking accident. I was just on my bed reading The Crucible when I heard my mom rushing downstairs and out the door, so I looked outside and saw all the smoke. I didn’t know it was their house at first until I went downstairs and my brother told me. Luckily no one got seriously hurt, except for perhaps some burns on one of them. All the neighbours were outside looking at what happened and even people passing by, since there was so much smoke, policemen and firetrucks. We gave shelter to the kids of the family, giving them a place with air conditioner, since it was really hot outside and we knew them. The evening resulted in playing some games, watching TV, going in and back out of the house to update on what is going on, policemen also came in to ask the kids some questions as well as helped the burned person get some water in our house… The youngest, seemingly the less worried, ate and played some games happily, as well as showed me his flip-note projects on my old DSi, the second youngest was pretty quiet and wasn’t hungry, the oldest wasn’t too hungry and was constantly looking for updates on his house and parents, and other siblings were away. Since the oldest has a huge math exam tomorrow, I let him use my room to study. They all eventually ate as well, which is a good.

By the time I finished reading The Crucible and writing my paper, it was from 9pm—everything started around 4:30. They left and luckily have a hotel they can stay at. So that was quite the eventful night. Just glad everyone’s okay.

That’s all for today.

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