Does she still like me?

This girl I met a few months back recently graduated from high-school and I still have two more years to go. Lately she seems less talkative and doesn’t hang around as often as she usually does. Before she graduated, I guess she talked about the same, but she also talked more about her own issues with school. I just can’t help but feel maybe she’s done with me. I’m no longer as relate-able, she could vent to me about her issues then but she has a supportive family now. I don’t get what use I would be to her anymore, and I certainly don’t want to hold her back if she truly feels like we are no longer on the same level anymore.

I don’t want her to think I don’t like her anymore either. It’s probably me who has been more absent, I also vented to her at the worst times, so I can’t say I blame her if she decided to off and go somewhere else.I’m really not that great of a person to be honest. I vent too much at the worst times, I’m very eccentric and I talk A LOT. Often the topics can switch from one subject to another unrelated subject. I’m sure it’s why I scare away some. I probably seem overwhelming but it’s just a sign I am very open and comfortable once I like someone.

She’s really nice to me and tries to help sometimes. She’s very silly sometimes too, in the best of ways. I really like her as a friend, I’m just not sure if it’s time to say goodbye or if I should try to prolong the friendship while it lasts.

I don’t know if I actually logically feel that she doesn’t like me anymore or if I’m just pushing her away on my own. Every-time I open up to someone(venting), I hate the fact that they see what I’m made of and usually I end the relationship. Mostly it’s always my fault when it comes to the end of a friendship or relationship.

I just really care about her, maybe a bit too much for being friends for three months. Not that I love her in the dating sense, but I really enjoy her and would hate to see her go. I don’t know if I can manage losing a friend like her, not when I’m so attached. It feels like my heart will break in two.

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