What title?…..

I’ve realized and earned the truth about positive and negative in my life. For someone just wanting peace and to be loved you would figure not much must happen often.

You’re wrong!

Wanting to be love makes you anxious to find love. I can’t say I was looking or wanting love when I met Derryck, only thing I knew was I fell for him, and I fell hard.


Of course that means the welcoming of both families, and the fact you now share a life. What’s yours is mine, and what mine is yours.

It was definitely a feeling I never had before. But the fights began to start, and sadly every fight meant he would go and me being the idiot I was crying at home waiting to hear from him.

Can you guess what ended up happening?…

He cheats, a woman who had dandruff, and looked so dirty, I’ve seen turds prettier! She had two kids and sadly she was one of my friends cousins… GREAT.

I caught you on snapchat the butch sent you this ” I think your girlfriends trying to request me”,  BITCH I will slice your neck!, Just wait, I promise you!

I just remember throwing his phone at him, I started running out the front door, you grab my waist you beg for me not to leave, get out of my way!!! LEAVE ME ALONE! Why?,why!?

Why did you do this to me!

Why do I forgive you? Why am I so sweet a few months I go without you, and already I want you back, I feel sick, I must have a diseased mind.

Why can’t I change who I am.

I just don’t want the pain…. And loving you is killing me slowly.


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