Pat on the Back

I haven’t written in a while but it’s not like anyone has noticed 😂. Nobody reads my journal. But I’m proud of myself because I realized how much better I’m doing. The more time that passes the less hurt I feel about the situation with me and my ex and all that happened. I’m hoping one day that I can forgive him and forget about it completely though. But I know I’ve made progress because there’s some days I dont even think of him anymore. I like literally forget he exists. (It might have something to do with my short term but hey) I’m still proud of myself. I feel really good.

2 thoughts on “Pat on the Back”

  1. Aww! that’s really good that you are making progress and writing this journal is a really good way to empty your mind, a nice outlet 🙂
    and there you go, I read your article and commented. You know people come and go. You will be completely rid of his thoughts one day 🙂

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