I want to write about what i am up to..what is my routine and what i am planning on doing.

I am thinking to start writing a to do list for day to day activities and my targets for the a days, i am sleeping,sleeping and sleeping and wasting time. I have started doing chores as well and I feel so useless. it has been 2 and a half weeks only that vacations started but i want to be busy now. 

I am gonna plan out a schedule. and my dreams are getting weirder maybe cuz my mind is free. things I want to do:

  1. Start learning php:

For that I need to learn Html,Css and java. So, I am gonna start with html at w3 school.

      2.Do community work:

It will be done after Ramadan.So,yeah..

     3. Start Exercising:

I walk but that is not same as exercising. I better plan my schedule sooner than later.

   4.Drink more Water:

I need to drink more water. My lips are dying,literally.

    5. Change this sleeping-all-day routine:

I hate this upside down routine. I need to change it.

    Annd I dont remember anymore..

What i am up to these days:

Fasting,praying and reading a book. I am reading The Zahir by Paulo. Its fantastic. I finished one book 3 days ago and started The Zahir. Its pretty great till now.

I am writing articles. 4 have been published till now and a few remain to be published. As well, i am reading articles. So many articles.

Annd I became a member at Cyber Security Institute. We will arrange seminars and spread awareness about it.

I just went into 5th semester and if you look at my class mates,Achievers! all are ambassadors of one thing or another. I am wayy too Proud. :’)

I am CR of my class. I am also a volunteer at Global Zero. I was not interested but a senior dragged me in. I couldn’t say no. I gotta learn how to say no!! well,I received a work sheet which I have not bothered to open yet and which I ahve to submit on 15th. Oh God!

As a CR i have got so much to handle. I gotta forward lectures,assignments, attendance sheets. Attendance sheets of all teachers that I have to submit at the end of my Semester. Keep track of total number of classes, arrange extra classes. Fill their hour sheet at times. Fill the credit hours. Quizzes. Lots. Answers questions of my class, no matter how silly. 

I try to keep my calm. I do honestly. I wanted to leave it but my sister wont let me cuz I think without it I can do even better and focus on increasing my gpa even more but my sister says that I can manage or i will waste time. Well, she is right to some extent. the more free time you have on your hands, the more  you waste it. 

I am also member of IEEE. I want to be its ambassador and leave the seat of CR. Let’s see. I don’t now if I will become the ambassador or not. So, i am waiting.

I am a firm believer of: “What happens,happens for a best reason” 🙂 I am cool if i don’t get it. 

AND on a out of context, I was talking to my friend. We became friends thru another friend. My mom asked me who he is. so, I told her about him. and she goes like..Can’t you two be more than friends? I am like WHATTT?? NO WAYY!!. and she is like, ” OK. OK.”

I mean seriously?? I also feel funny  and how my mum is so cute. LOL but neverrr he is my friend and I call him BROTHER sometimes and we respect each other. 

It felt so funny!

Anndd nothing more..i think i am done for today. Bye!

P.S. somebody please rewrite the the previous novel I read and in the new version Umer does not die. He and Aleezah get married and work thru their problems and live happily ever after..







5 thoughts on “Plans”

  1. Hahha I didn’t know I seemed in control cuz I just keep on writing what comes in my mind 🙂
    I didn’t seem in control this time..? Please tell me how haha,I am curious.
    I sometimes find so tough to know myself and some times I think the easiest person one can read and know is himself..
    I want to sleep during night cuz you know its better for health and I already think that I am way too careless about myself and I should change that, right? 🙂
    And you are no less camy! You are my one cool buddy!
    Love all the way!

  2. Yeah I know c++ and c#. That’s great news for me. That’s a nice idea of vice CR.
    And I can’t survive without a to do list. I have a mini diary I keep with me during uni days. Jot down every quiz,assignment and imp dates in it. And also write a to do list of everyday as well as what I plan to do on the weekend. I makes things really easy.
    Yep,its a great idea to write about tomorrow as well,im gonna do it and you should keep it after Ramadan 🙂

  3. I didn’t mind anything you said..I value your comments and views,what you suggest. You make me feel better with your kind words and sincere advice. I don’t mind what my friends say 🙂 and you are my friend.. I hope we always will be 🙂

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