Poor Dad

Yesterday my mother and I were discussing a female’s cycle, and my poor dad was around during this time. To say the least, he turned red every-time she mentioned “ovulation”. He didn’t know how to react, so he would turn red and walk away. We were more discussing my random cramps, which I assumed was because of ovulation, so I found it interesting.

I’m not sure if anyone else get’s pains mid cycle, though I had them all day to my right side. So it was just an assumption. She teased him with it for the entire day, and she got away with it too. I feel kind of bad for him but it was very entertaining, too entertaining.

Talking about my cycle has never bothered me, since my father usually leaves the room and has never given a rotten comment about it.Maybe I’m just the strange one in my family. I’m the only one in my family who can watch open heart surgery without getting ill.Once you realize it’s so normal, the blood and everything doesn’t bother you as much. It’s the art of the human body, the mechanics, what makes it function, everything in our body is somehow connected to make us into amazing human beings. As weird as it sounds, I find hearts to be cute in the weirdest way. Not even sure how a heart can be cute but it is.

Thankfully every-time I’m in pain, he will gladly leave me alone.Usually he even gives me any food he brings home, somehow food is comforting whenever there is pain involved.Though I really need to eat healthier..

2 thoughts on “Poor Dad”

  1. Ha, I wish my dad was like that. He gets super uncomfortable and actually tells my mom to stop and that it’s gross. Which is whatever, it doesn’t bother. I don’t like periods, I think it’s gross too lol. I do get cramps here and there, so that’s why Tylenol is my best friends during those times.

  2. @Dezire
    (Still learning how to properly respond on here)
    He still thinks it’s gross, which I find funny, lol. Used to bother me but it’s awesome when I can gross him out so much that he will get me what I need just to keep my mouth shut.

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