Summer Fun And Summer Work Keeps This Dude On The Go! :)

 Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted on this blog. Now that school is out for the summer break, I have been doing a lot of fun stuff, like surfing, hitting the skate parks, hanging out with friends, going to the malls and also spending some time with my two sisters and my folks. I have also been practicing my after dark driving skills. Since I only have a junior (under 18) driving license, I can only drive right now during the daytime hours. My dad and my older sister Bella have been taking me out and so far, they tell me I am doin pretty good, just that I need to pay more attention and be more alert to my speed hehe.

After school let out, some of the neighbors that live near me, started asking me if I would like to earn some extra money this summer by cutting lawns, de-weeding gardens and some other odd stuff around their homes. I figured now that I got the time, a few little jobs would be great and the money? What teen couldn’t use a little extra money? 🙂   so I accepted and now got 4 neighbors that will keep me busy during the summer. My folks are pretty happy that I took on the jobs cuz it will keep me busy and also teach me more responsibility.
Starting next Friday, June 23rd, I will begin my modeling career in Key West Florida. My mom will be Flying with me and staying with me till I return on Sunday afternoon. She or my dad must be with me since I am still a minor (16) but it’s cool! It will be my first photo shoots and the start of what I hope will be a great adventure in my life. I will be meeting up with my agent on Friday afternoon at the hotel my mom and I are staying at to go over my initial schedule and where the shoots will be done. My mom is excited and proud of me and of course, she can’t wait to hit the shops in Key West to do some shopping 🙂

On the 4th of July, my folks are having a huge pool party for family and friends, including, friends of mine and my sisters from our schools. My folks have hired a caterer and a DJ service to play music as well. On the 3rd, before that party, many of my surfing friends are going to Cocoa Beach to get in some surfing. We usually surf near the Ron Jon surf shop because there is cool places to grab a bite to eat and also showers. It’s also good because we can park our cars in the lot right by the beach, not far to carry our boards from car to the water 🙂
I thought I would post a couple of pics of the pool and dock at the rear of my folks house where I spend lots of time when I’m not surfing or at the skate parks with friends. The first pic is facing south looking down the canal. The ocean is off to the right on the other side of a row of homes, also connected to a canal. My folks home is only a block from the beach and not far from where I do most of my surfing in New Smyrna Beach. New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet are just across the inlet from each other and are only connected by boat. To drive to each other, you would have to travel about 15 miles around, using Dixie Highway and cross over either the Port Orange Bridge to the north of Ponce Inlet or the Harris Saxon Bridge to the south in New Smyrna Beach.
This Picture is a view of our pool looking north along the rear of my folks house, looking towards the cove where my pet dolphin, Splash is usually hanging out. I love spending time tossing the foam balls to him and he will usually chase them down and pass them back. Again, who says you need another person to play catch hehe 🙂

My life has been crazy busy as with most teens and I’m doing what I can to stay busy and having fun while dong it. It has been a long year at school and I’m really excited for this summer break and getting in as much fun as I can. I have managed to keep two blogs going but in the end, I think I will be focusing most of my attention on my Blogger site at I like it most because I can link directly to my Google+ page where I enjoy spending some of my free time checking out other friends pages and commenting, posting and chatting with friends on hangouts. My Blogger site has been up now a few months and I want to add a new link section to my site. If any of my followers would like to have their Good Night Journal Page, Web page or Google+ page listed and linked on my page, just send me a request and I will list you so others that view my page, will see your link and send more traffic your way in return.  As always, Thanks for following my journey thru life. Peace!  🙂

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  1. Hehe, thanks Hina 🙂 I thought that gif was pretty cool with the smilely behind the wheel, idk what a ferrari even looks like but I’m pretty cool with the car I got. Its a 2014 honda accord. Ik you will keep following me and I will you as well, chat soon! 🙂

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