title gore

i did some emotional eating tonight. there was kfc and i ate too many gross biscuits on top of the gross potatoes. i don’t know where my head is. i know i’m tired. i know i’m in some pain. i know my emotions are kind of effed. so biscuits aside, is laying in bed taking care of myself or is it detrimental. am i ‘putting a bandaid’ on my hurts or am i avoiding life. i feel like i’ve been walking towards what i thought was a cross roads and instead there’s nothing. every where i turn my head is nothing.

so i don’t know wtf i’m doing. i could trust myself and play it byy ear but what if it’s depression making my choices.

i don’t. know. w. tf.

so i took a sleeping pill and watched weird anime on netflix. then i got up and cooked something without flour. now i’m here puking my brainguts out.

so i guess i’ll just get some more sleep and try again tomorrow.

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