256.4 – Same

Woke up feeling all queasy again. Ugh, this virus is taking its sweet time to fully go away, but it certainly makes me reflect and think about how awesome it feels when there is nothing wrong with my stomach

I’m at a loss as to what to eat when my stomach is like this. LCHF food just doesn’t sound good, and I want to get back to being 100% on plan already. Maybe I should try clear diet soda to settle my stomach? While diet soda isn’t my friend, it’s still not terribly off-plan and it may help me stomach food, especially lunches (usually meat, a salad, etc.) Problem is that I’m too hungry to just skip the meal, otherwise I would.

Perhaps I will try this today: cups of broth alternating with cups of tea w/ coconut oil to help me feel a bit more full, for lunch at least. I can drink as much of either one as I want and it may help my stomach heal. I’ll give it a shot today and see how it goes.

B: Black coffee with coconut oil. If I can find a non-greasy option for breakfast that is LCHF friendly I will go with it.
L: Chicken broth, tea with coconut oil
D: The burgers we didn’t eat yesterday, if I’m feeling up to it. I had a couple of small buffalo wings for dinner last night instead of the burgers we’d planned.

Have an awesome OP day, all

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