Adulting is coming for me, and I am not ready!!!

This is has been nothing but a shit show after another. First off in the beginning of the year, my  boyfriend decides to cheat on me with his co-worker. I had the pleasure of walking in to that fucking nightmare. Which I am stilling going mad about, fucking mind of mine has be believing I am crazy do to that fact that I still want him in my life. I am broken, what can I say.

Next is my car got broken into 2 times in the span of 6 months. After dealing with ins and their bull shit, I am waiting to receive the money. And try to find a new used car for the price of under 5G. Good luck to me on that. Cross your fingers for me, that I will find a Honda/Toyota with under 160 (125 perf) miles, and owned by a little old granny who never drove anywhere.

And now, where do I live? This is the big one. I had my home office already picked out. It has the perfect view of the back yard, I could sit on the deck during my breaks and lunches, the sun would shine in on the afternoons from the balcony door. But that went away, as soon as I walked in on Noi with his co-work Lily (cunt of a bitch, oh who is married, and has children). So now, I am going to experience another moment of becoming an Adult. How to Build your own home. I have no fucking clue, and I am scared shitless. Having to go this by myself, terrifies me. Will I make the right decisions? Can I afford this on my own, I will be choosing to be in debt for the next 30 yrs of my life or longer. Why am I moving, you ask? My roommate and her Fiance are in the process of buy their own home, I will be starting to Telework by the end of this yr. I don’t want to pay the ridiculous amount of rent money, when I can be paying a mortgage, and if I am not staying in my current apartment after my roommate moves, I don’t want to have the wiring done to be able to work from home, if I am going to move out in a couple of months. 


Wish me Luck.

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