Cellulite and Stretch marks.

I’m a bit disappointed in myself as of right now since finals have gotten in the way of my exercise. I’ve lost a lot of muscle and I believe I have cellulite, but I can’t help but feel the cellulite and stretch marks on my thighs are becoming more apparent the more I lose good muscle.

Loving myself is probably the hardest issue I’ve had to deal with, along with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise, and also other personal issues related to mental health.

I don’t really feel beautiful at all. I just feel chubby, even for someone who usually does two hours of jogging/walking every single day and hasn’t gained or lost any weight in the last year. Amazingly, it feels like I’m not losing anything even when I am exercising, though I want to slim down into some fabulous bikini body that just isn’t meant for me.

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