just some random stuff.

Fazerdaze, Lucky Girl. Smith Westerns, Weekend. Pale Waves, There’s A Honey. It Looks Sad., Creature. Black Kids, I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You. These are all supposed to be kind of indie slash alternative slash poppy songs. There’s A Honey is actually a bit more synthy than the other ones; it has a The 1975 vibe to it.

I feel like these songs are all really old, it’s just that I’ve just found them.



Faces are so hard to draw. I’m thinking of creating a Pinterest board just so I can save some reference pictures to it for when I’m drawing. I have a lot of saved pictures on Instagram (which I only use for art and animal pics–not actually socializing) but many of them don’t really go into detail about proportions and different viewpoints and common mistakes. And then there are the do-don’t “tutorials” that are so frustrating and useless, ugh.


Haven’t done anything for weeks now. It makes me sad when I see my old friends from China out having fun. It’s not that I begrudge them their fun, I just wish I could be there with them. That’s a dream that’ll never come true since I’m never going to go back to that city. Sigh.


I’m really bored and contemplating signing up for one of those stupid internet friend things. They’re so iffy, though. The thought of some gross dudes seeing my face and sending me odd messages is very off-putting. Are there even genuine people on those sites, or are they all looking for relationships? I don’t know. Maybe I should do a language exchange thing, like English or Mandarin for Japanese or Russian. That would be cool.

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