Day 14 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Tonight I decided to open a bottle of wine. It’s been quite a week and it’s only Wednesday.  I grabbed a really nice red I’ve had for quite a while (even had dust on the bottle) and as I was heading to the kitchen with my bottle, my memory was right there…..Royal Red Medium Dry Wine.

My mom and dad were not wine drinkers; but at Christmas there was always a jug of this red wine.  Now, when I was old enough to drink some, I thought it was pretty good.  I mean, how would I know any better? 

Flash forward to my bottle of wine today and my how my taste has changed. I adore that my parents bought this wine, by the jug, for our Christmas celebration dinner; and I’m glad I’ve grown in my palette to enjoy a fine glass of red. 🍷

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