Kehlani- In My Feelings

Catch feelings
To catch feelings means to begin to like someone(romantically), usually unexpectedly.

      What are feelings? Why do people have feelings? What is the point? And why do people catch them? I have never realized how easy is it to catch feeling, but also how fast you can lose feeling. Now In days, life revolves around whatever social media says. It has become a trend to develop feelings for someone but not allow them to know how you feel. I can say I am guilty when it comes to bottling up my emotions for a guy. From personal experiences, I believe the whole idea of “catching feelings” is bullcrap. The fact that some guys play girls for their own gain knowing that the girl has genuine feelings can honestly suck it. We all keep how we feel about someone to ourselves at times because we fear rejection, and we want to avoid the awkwardness or any problems that may occur after. People are quick to say “Just tell them, the worst they can say is no.” It is definitely easier said than it is done. With my own lack of experience of this situation, I have had feeling for a very close friend of mine for 4 years now. We have known each other for 11 years and he’s my friend and greatest guy I  know. He’s everything I want in a guy but the problem is I never had the guts to tell him how I was feeling myself, I always had my friends hint to him how I felt, but I don’t think he really got what I was throwing. It has been a year since then we are both in college and we tend to talk on occasions but my feelings for him tends to grow fonder every time we speak. Call me a sucker for love, I just wish I was bold enough to let him know how I truly feel. Sometimes it feels like he likes me back then I get insecure and think about how he talks to prettier girls and I just tell myself to forget about liking him and get over it. I’m scared of not being loved back. Telling him seems like such an impossible task. Like what if we get together and we don’t last? Just cause I want him doesn’t mean that we’re meant to be. I’m more frightened by the thought of losing my friend by expressing my feelings. What if he’s willing to try and I just do not know about it? What if he’s feels the same way? It is better to have loved, than not to be loved at all.

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