I gave into my crazyness…

I broke down

Charging in like a Furious Flaming Bull

Destruction in full view

I am opening that can of worms

I want to peel that scab,  and watch the wound reopen

Feel the hurt, betrayal, the numbness

Craving for Peace

I am smiling, I see the truth within your words

The Truth, You are weak

You hide behind Indifference, and the facade of Justifications

I laugh at you, at me, AT the history

Here we are, standing off

Pull the trigger, Set me free


I gave into my crazyness, hoping to cure myself. I contacted him, and asked him the one question I want an answer to.

Him: If you want to talk to me you can. But if you want to talk about our past I’m not interested.
ME: so I dont get any answers?

Him: What answers are you looking for

Do you just need to know 
Do you need closure

His response, brings a smile to my face. He has no remorse, and has not acknowledge his wrong doing. He is using the dysfunction, the lack of “Love”, and our short coming to work things out in past,  to justify his cheating. Yes these, are all the common reason that would lead a person to decide to cheat. But the act of physically cheating, has no excuse.  







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