Journal Entry #34 (My 18th Birthday and Dating Sites Suck)

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 18, an adult now, but I’m sad instead of happy. As expected, one of my brothers who I’ll call “CJ” had a conversation with me about “my future” and what I planned to do. I hate talks like that because I never know what it is I actually want to do. As far as I’m concerned, I have no future. I’ve pretty much sat at home for the past 3 and a half years instead of doing my online school. I haven’t done anything productive and feel like a burden to everyone.

In lighter news, my dad took me and my brothers to Dairy Queen (an ice cream place) where I got a “Royal Reece’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cup Brownie with Peanut Butter” blizzard. A mouthful for sure in both name and taste (hehe ;)) Afterwards, I told him what I wanted as a present: a powerful gaming laptop. He surprised me and said he would get it/pay someone to build it for me when he gets his next paycheck. So that’s a plus! He asked me if I wanted to work on my GED so I can go to a community college in the fall (he actually wants me to go to the college so I can socialize) and I agreed to try it out. I just hope it doesn’t conflict with my mom. Things like that usually happen.

Since I’m 18 now and lonely as hell, I tried signing up for dating sites. They suck because no one responds to you if you’re not a girl or a fuckboy. And anyway, all the girls have lives and are only interested in people that are successful/have lives; which I have none of. So I’m out of luck in regards to finding love xD Unless any ladies on here wanna hit me up? 😉 Lol

Forever alone squad, where you at?

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry #34 (My 18th Birthday and Dating Sites Suck)”

  1. hello Missy! Happy Belated Birthday!
    I hope for the coming year to be the best of your life and you achieve all you want toa nd get your problems sorted out.
    You know, in life it is not important to have a girlfriend/boyfriend, you will have that one day and here you can find many good friends which you need at the moment. I am 22 and have not dated once in my life. I have my reasons to wait but what most important for you at this time is to get back to your studies.
    I hope i am making some sense and i gave the advice as a friend 🙂
    I hope you stay happy and you know I can be your friend, I will read your entries and can also guide you if you want and need any advice ever. 🙂
    Good Day!

  2. Happy late 18th! You’re only like, two months older than I am lol.

    Maybe if you’re lonely, you could try a different kind of friending website? Like, not necessarily a dating one, but a website also for making friends. I don’t know, maybe it would be easier to find someone that way? Best of luck with that, anyway.

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