Overprotective Dad

I can’t help but feel that the closer I get to eighteen, the more my father has tightened security on me.He won’t even let me draw on myself, or write on myself since he assumes I will get a tattoo. My mom just laughs and calls him ridiculous since he writes on himself all the time.

There are some things he doesn’t know I do that he would be disappointed to find out that I do.However, their also things my mom lets me get away with. Not that their bad, just probably not something he would like as a father.

I’m more concerned he will try to keep me from doing what I normally do, such as surf the web freely without parental supervision, or stay up late on games. Or write and draw on myself. Or limiting the time I use my electronics. I really don’t want that especially as I’m getting older, yet I’ve seen it happen to friends of mine.Β 

He won’t even leave me alone with this male I grew up with. Whenever I visit their house, at times we get left alone for eight hours or more if my mother and his go out shopping and such. Seriously though, if we had sex, It happened all ready.

And he’s never interested in anything else but his games, he’s a real bore.But a nice guy.

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  1. I hope things turn out alright ^^ If it’s of any confort, you’ll be less restricted when you turn 18, so keep your chin up πŸ™‚

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