Short story

A Man got lost in a forest and went wandering for food here and there.Suddenly he saw an crippled fox , sitting ideally and waiting for someone.After sometime a Lion came there with a piee of meat in his mouth.The man then noticed that the food brought was not for himself but for the injured fox to eat.He got very surprised.

The man then got an idea of doing the same.He then sat under a tree and waited for someone who can provide him food.He waited,waited and waited for days after days.A wise man happen to came across him.Seeing a pale,weak man he asked “What are you doing here?”.He narrated the whole incident to the wise man.

He replied “Son,you have only noticed the fox but not the Generous Lion.In life, it is your choice to be a Lazy fox waiting for oppurtunity or be a Generous lion trying to help others.Take help or Help others”


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