Wednesday June 14th

I interviewed and got a job yesterday as a bio teacher at another school. I am hopeful it will be a good choice on my part. I am getting my test scores from those last 2 tests I took today. Finally. I hope I passed the EAS test. I don’t even need the English one now that I’m gen ed. AND I don’t have to take that fucking math test now. That’s a relief. I think next year will be better in so many ways. I will be settled in a school, and I will be starting there from the first day.

I have talked to a very nice man that lives in my building that is involved with the tenant association group. He told me to give him my apartment’s rent info and he would check to see if it was legally taken from rent stabilized to market rate.Gosh wouldn’t that be amazing if I got to be rent stabilized!!! I would be SO happy. 

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