They say jealousy is a disease. Ive noticed it more and more as time goes on and to be honest I take it as a compliment. If someone cant control you and make you fail they will try to control what others think about. It’s sad to e someone who needs to do that in order to feel like a somebody. I can’t feel angry with people who talk badly about me, because that just shows me what I working towards is the right thing, and they wish they had the drive I did to do something besides trying to bash my name with the words they cant correctly articulate. 

I have no anger only pity for those unhappy people. They are unhappy with who they are and what their life is, I can’t start to imagine how hard it must be to live like that day to day. It breaks my heart for them it truly does, but only you, yourself have the power to change it. I accept people negativity and I see it was just the world being in a ying yang as always within the universe. There has to be those who are full of light and always pushing to be and do more in life, and those who always have something bad to say about those who have light. That’s just how the universe works. If you’re lucky enough to meet someone with light its best to hold on to them, they will always bring luck, joy and the right path into your life.

I have been blessed to meet a man with light although there is darkness I see in his soul, I do see the light and it shines bright enough for me to have hope in one day he will change for the best. I feel so badly because his intimidate family has so much dark in their souls I see the grasp they try to have on him and the negative they try to send our way.

I feel the envy gripping from his mothers mouth. Not able to break me down, so looking to break what people think about me and praying for my failure. I will rise and will always be strong. What you wish on others comes back to you x3. Be careful what you wish for.


Life is simple, stay in your own lane, and focus on being kind and working towards your goals.

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