A Danger of Channeling Spirits : Night Harassment



June 20, 2017

11:38 pm

   It’s been a rough night so far. As soon  as I went to bed, I was more or less assaulted by these harassing negative spirits. Aside from a constant barrage of voices, I was feeling disturbing pokes and jabs coming up out of the mattress. No matter which way I turned, they would start right up.

  I just took some more sleep-aid and hopefully it will kick in soon. I have in fact been rather lucky recently. For the most part, I have not been experiencing that much harassment from these negative spirits when I’ve gone to bed during the last few weeks. 

 Well, I guess tonight my luck finally ran out and these harassing spirits are causing me to have a rough night. I’m not surprised, nor am I that caught off guard by their assault tonight. I’ve been through it all many times before. But, it certainly is still quite an annoyance.

 I’ll probably take at least one more dose of sleep aid tonight for good measure. I’ve been quite busy at work recently. So, I can’t really afford to have a night where I’m kept awake all night. I’m just glad that I do have plenty of sleep-aid on hand Without it, I’d be in a far worse position right now.

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