Hot mess

So last night went alright.  I met up with some friends from work and we went downtown.  We went to this bar that wouldn’t be my first choice but I figured I’d just get drunk and it wouldn’t matter.  So at first I just hungout with my friends and we just talked.  There was some slight drama with Joann and her boyfriend but I guess that’s normal for them?  Then towards the very end of the night my usual MO struck again.  I just had this need to hit on someone and there were not any options at all.  But I work with what I got and I ended up hitting on the bartender.  Average looking, and I was pretty drunk so my beer goggles are strong at that point.  He was super nice though.  The sex wasn’t that great and he had psoriasis on a lot of parts on his body.  I dunno I just need to chill with all this going home with strangers thing.  For one it’s dangerous as hell cause one of them could end up killing me and for another it’s not a good look.  I mean men can get away with it easy but it’s different for girls.  My friends probably think I’m a hot mess hooker.  I’m just still fucked up over my breakup.  I miss that attention and love I used to get from my ex and I’m trying to fill it with all these random dudes and it’s not really helping.  I guess it’s something I should bring up with my counselor when I see her.  Well, at least I’m not too hungover this morning because I do have work today.  Luckily it’s not a full shift.  I’m happy to just come home and watch Netflix for the next few nights. 

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