I love you

 Be kind to yourself.

No matter how bad you feel, how little energy you have… just try not to be hard on yourself.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on in your life in this present moment in time.  What I do know is the excruciating pain will pass. 

It is unbearable I know I have been in that murky, wallowing pit so many times I have lost count.

When you feel like this, every bad word or incident that’s occurred in your life poisons your mind.

People can be cruel.  But you are a kind person so fuck what they say.

Remember, if people are bringing you more gloom than happiness.  You have the power to cut them off.  The world is full of people, there are kind caring people out there.  

You are never alone.

Take one day at a time, make sure you treat yourself.  You deserve at least one little treat a day 🙂

A massage, a long soak in the bath or your favourite food.  You deserve to be happy.

Some days you may not have the energy to get out of bed.  That’s ok.  Just rest.  Cry if need be.

Get rid of all the built up emotion.  Tomorrow is another day.

If that pesky little inner voice continues to project vile thoughts of negativity at you… challenge the voice.  Stand up to it! 

You are beautiful in your own unique way.

Kind and caring.

You deserve to be loved… 

That love should be internal… it needs to come from you.




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