Me. . . .Me. . . MEEEEE!!!!!!!

It’s always ME cleaning.. . .
It’s always ME cooking . . .
It’s always ME doing laundry.. . .
It’s always ME taking care of our daughter. . .
When will it be your turn?

I love our daughter
I love our life
I love the past 10 years we’ve shared
I love you. . .
But is it enough?

Is it enough to do every thing for you?
Is it enough to always be here for you?
Is it enough to try to do little things for you?
Will I ever come first?

It was the Army. .
It was your soldiers. .
It was your truck. .
It was your ambition. .
Will it ever be your family?

I love you
Always and Forever
Your my one and only
When will I become yours?

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