I just recently graduated from high school. It was a breath of fresh air to be no longer attached to my old school. There were memories, both good and bad, but the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth, like when you bite your tongue and can taste the salty, metallic blood.

I left with a handful of “friends,” most of which I will never speak to again. High school to me was good. It was a roller coaster, mostly going up, with some steep downs, and a few twists and flips along the way. I wish I could honestly say that high school was the best time of my life, but I would be lying because it truly was not.

Media and movies have made high school out to be the greatest four years, where you will meet amazing people and have a perfect time. While this might occur for some, this belief is usually very false. People can be harsh. While I admit I am far from perfect, I believe in my heart that I deserved way more than I got. 

Girls are bullies, and love to bring each other down. They are competitive like no other, and will bring out the worst in you. People who were my closest friends were the ones who turned their backs on me when I needed them the most. They spread rumors and lies, harasses and bullied me, and blamed me for their own misfortunes and mistakes. 

Guys will tell you they love you, string you along, and then cheat on you, even after you have given them every ounce of effort you can provide. Guys will always want something more, even if you are the diamond in the rough. 

I look back and think about the people I surrounded myself with over the four years. Were they the best friends I could ask for? No. Was I always the greatest friend? No. But I can learn from each of our mistakes and choose more wisely in the future. I can make my own destiny. And I will. 

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