Mixed Feelings

I’m really struggling being friends with this girl(I guess I will just call Anna).I feel very weird towards her since I haven’t been close with a female friend like how I’m close to her. We talk a lot, and she is very funny and silly and has a great personality, though she claims it’s not that great.

Great part about meeting her is probably the fact that she accepts me even with all my emotional baggage and my past and hasn’t left me. Sometimes she’s not sure how to help me, but she’s a really good person, and just knowing that helps me feel better. For once I have a real awesome and pretty real friend.

I love her, but not in the dating sense. I guess it’s a type of love, the caring kind. I’ve never felt like I had such a good bond with someone. I just don’t know how to react to her at all.I don’t know how I should behave towards her at all. I’ve never really had female friends that really enjoyed me to this extent. I can talk to her and she doesn’t try to stab me in my back when I’m honest with her. I just have a hard time trusting her or trusting that this will last.

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