Modern Medicine.

So for the past two weeks I have been going to doctors about the pain I had been having in the middle of my back that goes to my stomach.  Tests were done and the first test was xrays and nothing showed on my spine. Okay great. Next an ultrasound. okay, fine. The ultrasound showed that I had gallstones and a buildup of sludge in my gallbladder. Also, there was a mass on my liver.
My doctor said she would refer me to a surgeon so I can have my gallbladder removed because that is most likely causing the pain, but she wanted to know if I would like a CT scan of my liver to see if the mass is something to be worried about.
So last week I went in and had a CT scan done and a lot of blood work done too to check kidneys and levels in my blood. 
First of all. I hate needles. FUCKING HATE NEEDLES. I couldn’t relax my arm because I have a huge fear of medical needles, tattoo needles are different. So when they would stick me it would hurt more because my arm wouldn’t relax and one of the nurses had to call another nurse to hold my arm because I would twitch when she touched my skin with the needle.  It was just horrible. The IV fluid for the dye was worse because they had to put the plastic port in and no matter how much she told me it wouldn’t hurt when I moved my arm, it did because it’s a piece of plastic in your fucking vein. lol
My gallbladder was empty, my liver was fine just had some fatty tissue on it and I need to change my diet and all my other organs are perfect.
Ultrasound says I have gallstones and sludge filling inside and four days later the CT scan shows absolutely nothing except the bile that is supposed to be in there. 
I asked the nurse who called me yesterday to talk to my doctor, because since the CT scan said everything was fine she said to let her know if my symptoms persist. 
Well….my symptoms come once a month basically and the last episode I had was the scariest since I kept passing out from the pain and then would throw up after the pain woke me back up again. I was lucky I didn’t puke while passed out. It hurt worse than the last two times it happened.  It starts as a dull pain in my back and it’s not even really pain, it’s like my back is just uncomfortable, like if you sit hunched over too long and your back has that uncomfortable feeling, but it keeps getting worse no matter what position I laid or sat or whatever. 
So, now I have to figure out why one test says I had a gallbladder full of stones and sludge and I get told I need surgery and have been freaking out for two weeks about having surgery, but then other says there is nothing wrong and to just wait to see if I have another episode like that again and then call back. 
…Everyone says to get a second opinion. Like… I don’t see how that is going to help because they will do the same tests and I’m sure they will show the same thing or things both had shown. So i don’t know. 
Pft whatever.

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