The Hole in the Universe

I’m running out of faith
I’m almost done
To freeze in time forever

Come and look me in the eyes
Fighting my own death
Losing to pain and fever

I tried to stay brave
Become a new one
A better version of this “who”

Who can beat all miseries
Fly without a limit
The one who knows what to do

I’m running out of faith
Feel this broken heart
Shattered with its glories

don’t let me go
It’s too late
To keep safe our memories

This body is shutting down
Dead brain, growing worms
Open eyes, closing chest

Comfort me, your words are gold:
“Pray. Listen to sky.
Maybe it is for the best.”

I’m running out of faith
Drive me, ride me
This is the last chance.

The earth falls in hell tonight
God is not looking
Devil takes me out to dance.

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