Best guy friend.

I know this guy that I have been friends with since April of 2016. I feel like he treats me differently now from how he used does. Then again, he has Aspergers, so I try to be understanding. I wonder if I ruined it completely. He has this obsession with games, and sadly I’m not exactly someone who loves the kind of games he likes. I’ve never been a gamer and I’m pretty dense when it comes to games or any terms related to games. I can see how disappointed he is in me and possibly upset when I forget something about a game he told me.

I admit I don’t watch all the game trailers he sends me simply because their boring, a bit. I don’t understand them at all, it’s like watching someone speak a foreign language.(Though I plan on studying what he likes this summer, even if it kills me)

He’s really stopped treating me like I’m human at all. I have to entertain those my age in order to be their friends. When I’m no longer offering up some form of entertainment or relatedness, then usually that’s the end and I can’t do anything about it.Most can’t seem to hold a normal conversation or small talk anyways.

They treat me like crap when I lose their interest, which is alright.I actually dated my gamer friend for a while when he used to treat me better. We talked more, even if it was about games. He also didn’t mind listening to me if I had a bad day, and it was likewise when it came to him.He would be so open with me and really seemed to enjoy me. Of course he dumped me for someone who plays games simply because they play games. That hurt a bit but it’s not his fault if he want’s someone like that.I’m really not any good for some people in the end.

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