Confessions Of A Alcoholic?

Find myself confused….26 days dry…am I alcoholic? That seems to be the question. Did my drinking cause my problems or did i drink to avoid or mask my unworthiness towards life? Drinking felt good…was the only way I felt good…..Not drinking causes self worth issues. Ok so they are always there, but with out booze i have to face those issues. Not fun for anyone. So drinking gave me a warm blanket of self love and pride that wasn’t really there but i felt as though it was. Following me? Probably not and if you’ve made it here, why haha? This guy is off a little. We all are. OK serious, Im 38 soon and I’ve always been a drinker since I was 21. I’ve got into to trouble from it and caused some problems for my self because of it and had some horrible times because of it. So am I a alcoholic? Is anyone really? Are you really that way for life? Does my drinking really cause all the major problems in my life? Does it just give me a crutch to blame my issues on because at least this way they arent my issues…..ITS THE BOOZES FAULT!!!!! Lol no clue! gonna find out though as i journey through all the options and face my issues. Going to openly discuss my thoughts, feelings, and pursuits of happiness. The goal? Whats real and whats not…..I already know I’m going to make some people really upset……deal with it. Hate it, love it, could care less about….either way it will be the truth for me. Join me to find out if I am a Alcoholic or if all that is just another “addiction” or crutch to base your life on and avoid the truth….maybe none of us are but saying we are is easier then admitting self failure. As for now no drinks for me…..cause one thing is for sure no problems are helped by booze….


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