Day 6 of Sobriety

     Today hasn’t been too bad so far! I reached out to a friend trying to get into touch with Her Father who is a recovering alcoholic and who hadn’t drink in probably 20 years  I’m hoping to get into touch with Him. I think that He may be able to help me make more sense of what I’m going through! 

     I do feel a bit more energetic today! My mind feels a bit more clear, but it’s still full of worry, regret, guilt and shame! I’m going to download a book today that may help. 

     I emailed LLS today! For the first time in a long time Im really starting to see more and more things from Her side of the spectrum. It’s a good thing, but it’s also a thing that makes me feel more guilt. I guess that I’ve been selfish in my thoughts of “poor me” instead of having sympathy for what I put Her through and what She must be feeling and going through as well. 

     My thoughts are still blurry, but today in all honesty has been not that bad. I obviously still miss the Boys and Laura like crazy, but I have to admit that I feel better! 

The last couple of weeks has been very odd. Full of emotions. I think that my body might be almost finished detoxing, because all though this sucks – I feel a bit more optimistic, open minded and positive. I’m hoping that the positive thoughts continue to progress! 

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