Partner in crime.

I’m back home down south!  
I arrived Wednesday evening. My aunt and cousins were waiting for me at the airport, it was a happy small family reunion, I missed them so much. Then we spent the rest of the night in New Orleans and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (thank you, auntie Célestine). Then it was a long drive to my grandparents place. It felt like forever, but it was 2.5 hour drive. 

I was sooo happy to see my grandparents, I love them so much. My grandpa looks so tired, I’m hoping he’s in good health. My grandma looks as stunning as ever, she’s the definition of old southern charm and feminine grace. 

We got home really late last night (or should I say morning), as soon as we arrived, I greeted the family, made my way to my room, and knocked out. I was so tired. 

Today was such a chill/happy day, my cousin Brielle is staying at my grandparents’s too so that we can hang out more.  Ive missed her sooo much, she’s the sister I never had. She’s got a new boyfriend that is handsome as fuck. And she’s a gorgeous blonde so they make a beautiful couple. 

Tonight my cousins and I had a bonfire down by the river and it was romantic as fuck, there was over 20 people there and I still felt like a third wheel, especially next to Brielle and Hunter. It was just one of those nights where its a lot better if you have your significant other to cuddle up with next to the fire. And almost all of my cousins had their significant other lol. 

Speaking of which, Ashton called me this morning, he’s pretty bummed about the way his family reacted to all of his ‘news’. His father is pretty much pissed that he’s moving to California, but his entire family is taken back and pissed off (in an Amish kind of way) that he’s joining the Catholic church. They’re pretty much giving him the cold shoulder, and he said he feels uncomfortable being home, and at dinner his father had a talk with him about his immortal soul and what it means to be straying from the church, and choosing to not be baptized into the Amish church, he was basically laying on the guilt pretty thick. And they’re more than pissed that we’re together. He says he wants to return to Colorado, only not anymore because I’m not there any longer. 😍 But he’s pretty bummed to be back. I told him that he should give his family time to adjust and hopefully they’ll come around. He’s a grown adult, they have to deal, its all they can do. And if they don’t he’s still moving to Cali, and he’s got his entire future ahead of him. We talked for a few hours but he had to go help his dad out on their farm, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. 

Tomorrow Brielle and I are going to New Orleans to go shopping and get into all kinds of shit. She’s my partner in crime. But only this time we’re both in relationships so we can’t go around all the cute southern boys. lol. 

This is where I leave you, xo. 

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