let’s start at the beginning

let’s start at the beginning, and when I say beginning I mean 6th-grade

In 6th grade, there was pretty much no drama at all. It was me and myself for the first week because I have no friends, well until I started to sit with Anni, Caroline, and Kelly. Caroline was and still is a witch so I never talked to her but, Annika and I click and we became best friends. Kelly also had no friends so she just stuck with Caroline. Caroline and Kelly both liked this guy named Kunar. Annika liked Eli and I don’t think I liked anyone at the beginning of the year. As the months went on Annika and I became friends Ella, she was in our Tech class. During this time I started liking this guy named Sai (he’s a jerk and was like a foot shorter than me). All in All, nothing really happened in 6th grade it was somewhat of a sad year because I was alone, shy and very disgusting. I never washed my blonde hair so it was always greasy and I had an ugly middle part and no sense of style.

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