Lonely for no reason/Guilty

I have so many friends that it’s ridiculous that I can ever be lonely. I mean I don’t have THAT many friends. I have enough friends that if one isn’t available, another one is.Works good for me since I’m clingy as hell…

I believe the clingy is a result of probably feeling lonely. With finals coming up, I have nothing else to forcefully shoved to my attention. No teachers harping at me or worrying about my education being flushed down the toilet.I have been painting immensely to help distract myself. A few games and some laundry, along with exercise, seems to fill up my day but not the empty void. I rarely leave the house is probably one reason.

My other friend is incredibly nice, nice to the point that she stays up until 12am listening to me rant and never leaves for anything. I feel a bit guilty or selfish too, but she say’s its alright that I vent. I still don’t want to take advantage of her kindness. I should be happy and I’m not showing it. I wonder if she can see how much I appreciate her.

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