Pity Party

Just feel like I’m done with everything and everybody. Literally feel like my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces. Not sure what to do with my life anymore. Just done. Not sure what im thinking anymore. Just know if wasnt for my family and friends i would be gone by now. But i feel to bad about what it would do to them. I hate this life…its completely pointless. I’m a waste of space. And life is about bringing life and i cant even do that. I obviously cant have children or would have by now. Im married and in love with another man that im not sure would even work. I love my husband too but im sick of everything!! I just want to be done. I really do and know one day it will happen. Im waiting it out but i just dont want to be here. Feel like i have nothing to live for amymore…anyways ill be fine. Or at least i will pretend to be like i always do

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