Then 7th grade happened

Then 7th-grade happened

Anni and I slowly stopped being friends because we had no classes together and she didn’t except the fact I was changing. 7th grade was both the best and the worst year for me so far. In 7th grade, our lunch is split into two groups. Ella and Anni had A lunch and I had B lunch. So I started to sit by Kelly, Anish, Aya, and Mena. After a few weeks, we started to become somewhat closer me and Kelly really clicked and became way better friends than I would have every hoped. and even then we weren’t that close. I had L.A with Ella, Kelly, and Aya. I joined basketball a few months later and that’s where I bet Kay, Sunny, and Rhea. After a season of basketball, we became our own little group. I had P.E with Kay and Sunny. And S.S with Rhea and Sunny.

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