29. Close to 30. Too young to see the end and too far from the beginning to start all over again. Each day, week, month, year that goes by leaves me feeling more and more restless. 29, definitely not a child but not fully ready to commit to adulthood either. The internal struggle weighs on my mind and my heart more than I will ever let on. 29, shouldn’t you be getting married soon? No kids yet? How about a house, no property either, huh? These are the questions people ask not knowing the nerves they’ve unintentionally hit. Yes, I wanted kids. Yes, I wanted to get married. Yes, I wanted the house, and the big SUV to shuttle my little tribe around in. I wanted so many things… or so I thought. Then life throws a huge boulder in the highway of life and leaves you questioning everything. Do you make a u-turn and see if you can find another road to take? Will that road bring you to the destination you originally had your heart set on? Will you push that boulder aside and try as hard as you can to keep on your original path? 29, is close enough to the beginning that you can start again, and make that u-turn. But its’ also far enough into the journey that you might just push that boulder aside and keep going forward. 29, which road will we take?

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