Day 17 – 30 Days of Remembrance

Rain. Rain. Rain.  

Farmers love rain. They love to see it arrive, they love to see it stop, they complain when they’re not getting enough, they complain louder when they get too much.  They measure it. They collect it. They have entire conversations with other farmers about it.  Rain is a farmer’s life line….without it there would be no farming….and nothing to talk about 😊

Today I had a a long to-do list, most of it outside, but Mother Nature had other ideas and blessed us with a beautiful day of rain.  I did go out and do some of my work, in the rain, and I thought about my dad and what he would be doing on a rainy day.  It was a day to catch up on other things; garage chores, repairs, maintenance, sleep.  

I don’t remember my dad ever taking a day off when it rained; just sitting around doing nothing.  He always had other things to do, a long to-do list of his own, so a rainy day just meant shift gears and get other things done.  That’s what I did today.  I brought my indoor to-do list out and tackled it….and I did take time for a lazy little afternoon nap.  I mean if you aren’t going to nap on a rainy gloomy Saturday afternoon, then you’re missing the best part about the rain. 🌧



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