moral alignment + nose studies.

I keep taking different moral alignment tests because I want to know if they mostly give the same results, and it turns out they do, since I’ve gotten either “lawful good” or “neutral good” for all of them.

It’s annoying that my Hogwarts house results are never the same, though. I’ve gotten every single Hogwarts house (although I’ve only gotten Gryffindor once). I love being a Slytherin, but I also love being sorted as a Ravenclaw. I can’t choose which house I’d rather be in, Slytherin or Ravenclaw… I love the Ravenclaw astronomy aesthetic, but I also love how utterly COOL Slytherin’s are. Man, why can’t a person be really into knowledge BUT ALSO ambitious and proud as all hell? Why is that not an option??? Why can’t you just be sorted into both houses?????


I’m still trying to draw better. I’m getting better at noses, which are really weirdly-shaped. Sometimes when I draw from reference, the end result is decent (if I’m flattering my skills), but other times, the resulting drawing is disgusting and weird and lopsided and it’s,,,, like..,. ???? what??? happened here???? you were drawing so well before???? 


I think it’s really really really hilarious how fans of The Shadowhunters series hate Cassandra Clare (the author) so much. They, like, HATE her. I’ve never even read the SH books and it’s like, wowwww okay. I’ve never heard about another book fandom HATING the author the way people hate CC. People get annoyed at JK Rowling and stuff for certain parts of the canon, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that they just hate her as a person. Honestly… I’m confused. I just think it’s really funny and dramatic, though. She (Clare, not Rowling) is apparently an “incest freak”, and fetishizes gay relationships. If so, well, that’s fanfuckingawful and just makes the whole “anti cc” stuff even more hilarious. No hate to CC fans, though, since I have no idea if she deserves the hate; I’ve never read the books or watched the show, I wouldn’t know. I just think it’s funny that fans actually hate the original author of a book series. Never something I’ve come across.

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  1. My favorite alignment is chaotic good (I even got that printed on a T-shirt), because I enjoy the freedom it gives my character and because I prefer playing rogues. In real life however I don’t know what I would be… probably neutral good, since I have both chaotic and lawful moments.
    Girl, you are a Slytherin. 😉

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