Nobody cares about how i feel.

i’m so sick and tired of people wanting to try and control me. why do my family members feel like they have a right to tell me how to live my life? why do they feel the need to tell me what i can and what i can’t do with my life? IM 21 YEARS OLD. i’m old enough to do whatever i want and make my own decisions. just because they don’t like the person i’m dating they want to tell me who i can’t see? they want to tell me that i need to find myself new people to be with? just because you have such a big problem with the person that i’m dating, doesn’t mean anything to me. if i wanna be with someone and if i want to love someone, i’m going to do it. nobody is going to take this happiness away from me. it’s not fair that my family wants to take away the one person who has been there for me. it’s not fair that my family wants to take away the one and only thing that makes me super happy. it’s not fair that i get judged and i get blamed for being such a horrible person just because i’m a girl and i also like girls. i just want to be happy. i just want to live my life. i want to live a happy life and not be judged. nobody knows how i feel and nobody knows the love that i have for this girl. i’m super happy and i am a better person because of her and nobody sees that. nobody wants to see everything good that this girl brings into my life. i’m so angry that nobody leaves me alone to let me happy and be okay. i’m angry that everyone thinks that they can just tell me what to do and not even ask about my feelings or ask about what i want.

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