Saturday June 17th

I am fully certified as a bio teacher in New York! No more tests- I don’t even have to do the edTPA bullshit. Yaaassss. Check that one off my list of worries. I have what I think will be a good job for next year, I have my certification in place, now, the trifecta would be finding out my apartment was destabilized illegally and they have to change it back to rent stabilized. I am going to work on that next week. 

Brent brought Noah or rode with Noah to New York. They got here on Thursday. Brent spent the night at my apartment. He is such an asshole. Such an asshole to me. It is ridiculous how horrible he is to me. When I had sold my house and needed a place to stay for 20 days in Lexington, I had to stay at an Air BnB. He wouldn’t let me stay with them. I let him stay at my place. I should have said, “Yes, you can stay here. I’m not a jerk like you are.” But I didn’t say anything other than telling him I don’t care. I am so much smarter than he is and much better looking, too. He is a douche and deserves to die alone. I know it’s petty of me, but I wish my kids hated him for being mean to me. I wish they would tell him that if he was going to be an asshole to their mother, then fuck him. But they won’t. They don’t care if he treats me badly. Yet another reason I should not feel guilty for moving to New York and doing what I want to do. Fuck him. He’s nothing but a lying piece of shit. 

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